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kings-parkWestern Australia has an approximately of 2.3 million population, occupying an area of about 2.5 million square kilometres.

Western Australia is home to plenty of extraordinary experiences, the likes of which can only be found right here. WA boasts the largest collection of wildflowers on the planet, some of the whitest beaches in the country and one of only a few places world-wide where you can swim with the ocean’s largest fish.

Perth, the capital city of Western Australia is a vibrant, energetic city that offers a truly unique Western Australian experience. Straddling the Swan River and surrounded by golden beaches of the Indian Ocean, claims to be the world’s most remote capital city.

Immerse yourself in an eclectic mix of city culture and stunning nature, from Perth’s burgeoning bar scene and open arts festivals, to its world-class beaches and expansive parklands.

Australia’s sunniest capital city, Perth embraces a relaxed outdoor lifestyle. Explore the 400 hectares of Kings Park in the city or the inviting clear waters and spectacular sunsets at Cottesloe Beach.

Head south to the port city of Fremantle where the fascinating maritime history blends with an open, multicultural energy. Take a short ferry ride to Rottnest Island, a city escape for swimming, snorkeling, fishing and relaxing.

Further down the coast, you’ll find Rockingham, home to an abundant array of marine life including pods of wild dolphins that regularly visit. Or explore the north coast and experience the thrill of sandboarding on the endless snow-white sand dunes in Lancelin.


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