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Don’t fake your IELTS Test Certificate

Don’t fake your IELTS Test Certificate

Do not fake your IELTS Test Certificate

We know that IELTS is a mandatory requirement for a student or resident visa and some may find it a challenge to get a minimum required band of about 5. If you’re thinking of faking your IELTS Test Certificate, don’t do it.  I repeat. Just don’t. Why? Because the consequences are severe.

If you get caught, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection will slap you with a PIC 4020. This means your visa will be refused based on supplying bogus documents. This also comes with a 3 year ban from applying for any further visas.

There are no shortcuts and the Department will be able to check on whether your IELTS Test Certificate is real. The documents may look exactly like the real thing, but all it takes an email or phone call to the test centre to validate if the document was real.

With Photoshop and the right printing material, most documents can be faked nowadays. Validating the fake document is a lot more difficult and it really isn’t the solution.

The only way to improve your English, is to actually use it. It may take more effort initially, but it is possible.

I have a friend who lived in China and never left the country for further studies, but had a keen interest in the English language. He wasn’t interested in being a scholar, but wanted to be able to speak English fluently.

When I first met him, he spoke like an American and I immediately assumed that he had completed studies in the US. To my amazement, he had taken some English classes in the city he was living in and made effort to meet with English speakers who were stationed in his city for work.

Over a year he engaged and made friends with them which helped his English improve significantly.

He eventually managed to obtain permanent residency through sponsorship from an Australian company. He did not have an Australian degree, but had relevant work experience.

Education is one option that can lead to migration, but there are other ways (FAKE documents? – VERY RISKY). To be successful in Australia you do need to have a certain level of proficiency in English. If not, you will be subject to positions that don’t usually pay very well.

Seek advice and don’t take the easy pathway. The results might seem instantaneous and good, but the long term effects can be financially damaging, not to mention the 3 year ban if you supplied bogus documents.

Glen is the Managing Director of Blue Education and also a Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1385471). He loves the ability to provide his clients with the right pathway for their future career and migration needs through education and beyond.

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