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Why you shouldn’t choose universities based on ranking

Why you shouldn’t choose universities based on ranking

Rankings do not necessarily mean that you will get the best job outcome after you graduate. It most definitely does not lead to a guaranteed pathway for migration.

The university is ranked as a whole entity with a lot of focus on academic excellence. This usually relies heavily on research output that does not necessarily translate to excellent student outcomes.

Employers are aware of reputable institutions, but many are now relying on non-academic attributes a graduate has after graduation. Employers want employees who can assist in solving their business problems and not someone who can complete an assignment with high distinctions.

Assignments are meant to challenge the student to solve a supposedly real life business problem; however, these problems may not be specific to an employer. The experience should give the student an understanding of what they may face in real life business situations once they graduate, but this is often not the case.

Many students concentrate on passing the assignment, as though it is a task that they needed to check off their list without understanding why they are doing it. By the time they pursue employment, they would have forgotten what they have completed in their studies or realised that what they have learnt is not necessarily useful to the employer.

Irrespective of how well a university is ranked, one should not rely too heavily on these rankings in making their decision to pursue their studies in the hope of a great career. It is not uncommon for graduates from well ranked universities to find it difficult to obtain employment after graduation.

Many have come through our doors indicating that they have been unable to find relevant employment after 12+ months since graduation. The longer you stay unemployed, the harder it would be for you to establish your career. At Quaestus Human Logistics  (, we can help solve this issue. It requires a commitment from you to change the way you perceive your studies and employers, and personal attributes you need to obtain and relinquish to make yourself job ready.

This article explains on how the rankings are measured.


Glen is the Managing Director of Blue Education and also a Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1385471). He loves the ability to provide his clients with the right pathway for their future career and migration needs through education and beyond.

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