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Mad rush to fill work holiday visa spots in Australia

Mad rush to fill work holiday visa spots in Australia

With the influx of work and holiday visa holders from China, many will be using this visa to ‘test out’ waters in Australia, in assessing if the visa holder would eventually make steps to apply for more permanent visas to remain in Australia.

Be warned that the government will be strict on whether the visa applicant will have genuine intentions to remain temporarily. The possibility of further visas are possible, but be weary that there are many alternative pathways that may not necessarily lead towards permanent visas.

Many will be caught by unscrupulous employers or agents promising a permanent visa, given the right price was afforded, but the outcome is usually detrimental to the visa applicant both financially and opportunity to obtain the required visa.

Always speak to a qualified agent that will not provide guarantees to obtaining you your visa. Lawfully, a properly registered migration agent, cannot guarantee you success as each individual’s circumstance is different. An agent who can guarantee results, would be in breach of the code of conduct enforced by the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

If you are planning to find good positions in Australia while on this visa:

1)      Improve your ENGLISH

2)      Improve your ENGLISH

3)      Improve your ENGLISH

We often find visa holders with weak English accepting jobs that pay way below the minimum recommended wage. The employer would scare the employee to believe that cash payments are better and this would avoid taxes by the visa holder.

This is a risk that is not worth the ‘tax fraud’ in the long run. If further visas are explored and the applicant does not have valid tax records, then it will be very difficult to prove that you have gained relevant working experience.

A recent client applied for a further student visa and when asked about her current financial status by immigration, was reluctant to provide bank records that potentially showed a breach of previous visa condition due to obtaining cash payment for work that she completed.

Defrauding the Australian system may seem attractive at the start, but if you get caught, there will be circumstances that will deter future visa options.

If you need more guidance, please contact us and we will attempt to assist you where possible.

Glen is the Managing Director of Blue Education and also a Registered Migration Agent (MARN: 1385471). He loves the ability to provide his clients with the right pathway for their future career and migration needs through education and beyond.

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