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Flying your drone in Australia – Are you flying your drone legally?

Just as more and more stunning photographs emerge online showcasing the stunning landscapes and aerial views taken using drones, more and more people are joining the drone fever and taking them to the skies.

While travelling, it’s getting more common for visitors to bring their small drones along with them and wanting to fly their drones in the places they are visiting. This is especially true for Western Australia since the land is huge and the landscape stunning.

The best way for any one wanting to fly their drones is to refer to the Australia’s Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA)’s guide to check if (1) they are allowed to even fly their drone at all in Australia and (2) if they are allowed to fly where they intended to.

In general, if you are wanting to fly a drone or model aircraft which is less than 2kg recreationally and without an operating license, check this site for more details on operating the drone in “standard RPA (drone) operating conditions”.

Standard Drone Operating Conditions


However, if you are going to use your drone for “commercial gain” then you will require a license. This includes drones under 2kg. “Commercial gain” can include flights for advertising reasons or even uploading videos to YouTube.

The best way for any one to tell if they can fly their drone in the area is to use the official smartphone apps or web-app developed by CASA to determine so, which can be found here.

For those interested in finding out more regarding proper training and the legislation, please refer to the links aforementioned.



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