Definitive Guide to souvenir and gifts from Australia

or what to buy for friends and family when you visit Perth?!


So much to see and do, and suddenly, so little time to shop once you realise that Western Australia is a great place for shopping!

Australia is actually a great place for shopping, if you know where to look and what to get.

It used to be the cute and kitschy keychains and magnets with kangaroo and koala, or chocolates from souvenir shops that one would buy for friends and families back home.

These days, there are lots of interesting Australian souvenir at various price points that can be found if you just keep a look out!

Let’s start!


It’s something that’s a love and hate for those who have tasted it. As a fermented food, its health properties are plenty and there’s so many items that it can be used in or spread on! There’s regular Vegemite, and then there’s Vegemite Blend 17.

Tim Tam

The sweet coated biscuits with many flavours and varieties that is a delight to have at tea or a great snack when you are hungry. Look out for those limited editions flavours!


They come in a multitude of flavours, as well as both hard and soft varieties. There’s the regular prepackaged versions, as well as the more artisan ones available.

Macadamia nuts 

Creamy, crunchy and tasty – in sweet or savoury. Our friends at Morish Nuts know how to do them very well! Try the abalone, wasabi, caramel coated, and even the hot and spicy!


The great love of those who brunch and the supposed leading cause that might be driving Millennials not be able to own their homes! Western Australia is blessed with lots of yummy avocado available all year round. The main varieties here are Hass (the rounder one) and the Shepard (the longer one).


With vast lands and lots of wildflowers, our bees are happy and busy all year round. There’s more than just Jarrah and Manuka honey! Try the Banksia or Yate Gum honey too!


There really isn’t much to say since chocolates are fantastic and great for everyone! We have to include the evergreen Cadbury ones of Freddo Frog and Caramello Koala, suitable for the young ones. Get some well crafted, decadent ones from the chocolatiers in WA.


It is Australia after all, so tea is always welcomed. This even a special black tea blend created just for Australia by Twinings called “Australian Afternoon Tea”, so a good present for the tea drinkers in your life.


Other than all the craft breweries found in Western Australia, there is Swan Draught, a full flavoured lager with a smooth taste and a crisp and lingering finish, and has been proudly brewed for Western Australian tastes since its first drop in 1857.


It’s always a great idea to get some local Australian wines from Western Australia. Head to the beloved Swan Valley, a mere hop from Perth city, and one of the oldest wine region in this land and hit up some boutique wineries! Else take a long drive to Margaret River region for the rural winery experiences.

Pawpaw Ointment

There’re actually many brands other than the iconic red one from Lucas’ Pawpaw Ointment. There’s Nature’s Care Pawpaw Balm, Naturalus Pawpaw Pure Gel, Pure Pawpaw Ointment, Coco Island Paw Paw Ointment, Natural Alternative Certified Organic Paw Paw Ointment, Brauer All Natural Paw Paw Ointment, Suvana and Simmons Paw Paw salve, just to name a few!

300_bosistos-ecalyptus -oil
Eucalyptus oil

Again, many different brands available and the most famous ones being Bosisto’s and Thursday Plantation.


“Gold” coins with unique prints depicting the places of interest in Western Australia! Something to remember your travels by when you go around W.A. or even the real gold coins at the Mint!

Cool stationery, art prints and homeware

Kooky and vintage, fun and locally designed items – always a welcomed gift for loved ones, and yourself too! Check them out here and here!


Hopefully this guide would help you decide what else to get during your travels in WA!

We do have a great deal on special souvenir packs with local products for customers who are travelling with us! Find out more when you come along with us!